Lydia Contreras


Lydia M. Contreras received a B.S.E in Chemical Engineering from Princeton University in 2003 and a Ph.D. from Cornell University in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering in 2008. She spent 2 years at the Wadsworth Research Center (NYS Dept. of Health) as an NIH Infectious Disease Postdoctoral Fellow.

Her experimental and computational interests include:

  1. Fundamental understanding of RNA-protein interactions
  2. Development of novel methods for RNA-protein design
  3. Mechanisms of molecular assembly and particle formation
  4. Mechanisms of biomolecular translocation


Contreras Martinez, L., Martinez-Veracoechea, F., Pohkarel, P., Stroock, A.D., Escobedo, F. and DeLisa, M.P. (2006) Protein translocation through a tunnel induces changes in folding kinetics: a lattice model study. Biotechnol Bioeng 94: 105-117.

Contreras Martinez, L., Borrero, E.E., Escobedo, F. and DeLisa, M.P. (2007) In silico protein fragmentation reveals the importance of critical nuclei in domain reassembly. BioPhys J. 94(5): 1575-1588.

Borrero, E.E., Contreras Martinez, L., DeLisa, M.P. (2010) Kinetics and reaction coordinates of the reassembly of protein fragments via forward flux sampling. BioPhys J. 98(9):1911-20



This figure is from our kinetics and thermodynamics analysis of
protein reassembly by using forward flux sampling (Ref. 3).